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How To Become A Writer

How To Become A Writer: A Beginner's Guide

Follow my journey and learn how to become an author, write a book and get it published.

This is my personal journey on becoming a writer; learning how to write a book from the very first word, to getting it published (somehow), and to make some money.

To success or failure, you can join me and learn from my mistakes, or benefit from my book writing successes.

Learn how to be a writer yourself; learn from my writing successes, failures and the barriers I come up against and what I do to overcome them.

If you want to be a writer or have aspirations to become an author, then follow my journey. This is my "Book Writing Project".

How To Become A Writer: Get Started Here..
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Published by Nigel - 2BecomeAWriter - 29/9/2016 19:28:00
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